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We've always been a distinct sort of financial services organization, prioritizing long-term planning, systematic decision-making, and staying focused on the most important thing: you. Today, 1,400 financial advisers service client accounts as part of that customer-focused strategy. Furthermore, the organization has grown through time to provide considerable capital markets, banking, and asset management services to enterprises, institutions, and municipalities.

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Our Expert Team Provides Innovative Solutions Based On Extensive Research.

Customizable, effective solutions for your front, middle and back-office processes may help you strengthen customer connections and expand your organization.

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Sarah Jasmine
Financial Advisor
Leonard Stones
Senior Advisor
Karan Banchi
Senior Advisor


CA School FInance has been advising me on all of my pension investments for many years. They have always been available and willing to assist with any queries during this period since they, like me, think that business is best-done face to face. I've always trusted their judgment and recommendations.

Summer K.

CA School Finance has provided me with excellent advise and strategy for the last 12 years that I have known them! Without Leonard's counsel and direction, my finances would not be where they are now. His suggestions have been quite helpful. I would strongly suggest anyone searching for a financial advisor to contact him. He provides you his undivided attention, unrivaled expertise, unwavering honesty, and advice that is unparalleled by any other financial consultant I have ever encountered.

Mateo P.

Appropriately reintermediate customer directed quality vectors without resource-leveling process improvements. Progressively synthesize client-based networks through cross-unit collaboration and idea-sharing. Authoritatively harness cutting-edge manufactured.

Antonela L.

CA School Finance has always given me a clear and detailed assessment of my pension portfolio and future choices — they're patient and thorough, which is exactly what I need!

Hannah M.

CA School Finance has been a great help to me throughout the years, culminating in my retirement this year. I've found their guidance and assistance to be useful in making investing selections and navigating the maze of pension laws and regulations.

Clyde B.

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